Norman Rockwell care, leading edge technology and extraordinary service.

Welcome to the website for Pinnacle Family Medicine.  This practice is a Medical Home that utilizes modern technology to enhance efficiency and allow for greater patient-centered care.  Dr. Michelle Eads intentionally set up a small practice so she may provide personalized care.  A 'Norman Rockwell practice using 21st century technology', Pinnacle Family Medicine was established to provide timely care, reduce barriers between patients and their physician, and enhance quality of life thru optimizing individuals' health.  Originally opened in July of 2003, Dr. Eads provided primary care, but has recently shifted her focus to Functional Medicine.  Most appointments are 30-60 minutes long to allow adequate time to address aspects of 'whole-person' health, and not skim over important issues. 

Pinnacle Family Medicine welcomes folks from all walks of life.  Come see the difference for yourself! 


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